Cape Fear Turf Farm Inc.
Over 35 years of Experience in Turfgrass
Introducing the 1st & the Largest producer of Registered & Certified Jamur Zoysia in NC!


Cape Fear Turf Farm was established in 2000, by Garrtis "Pistol" McLean. With more than 1,000 acres in production, Cape Fear Turf Farm is one of the largest producers of sod in southeastern North Carolina.  Cape Fear Turf Farm serves both North and South Carolina and all other surrounding states. Cape Fear Turf Farm features ten warm-season grass species available in big rolls for commercial or large projects 42 inches wide x 100 feet long or any custom length to best suit any commercial or large job size(These will require a tractor to install). Also offering 18" x 72" mini rolls along with 18" x 24" slabs depending on the variety of sod.  

All pallets cover 450 sq.ft each.

(We do NOT sell plugs but customers are welcomed to purchase the sod and make plugs to suit any project be it small or large.)  

Cape Fear Turf Farm utilizes the latest turfgrass technology including self-contained auto stackers with the floating heads on grass cutting units.  We strive to meet the demands of our customers on a day-to-day basis while keeping our costs competitive.  Our varieties of sod sizes provides flexibility for any home or commercial construction project.

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