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Bermuda Grass is catergorized as a warm season  grass because it is actively growing when temperatures are warmer.  Bermuda requires mowing every 4-5 days at a height of 1/2" to 1" to grow properly.  Bermuda can tolerate severe cold weather more so than centipede or st. augustine grass.  There are many varieties of common and hybrid Bermuda grasses available and can be sprigged, plugged, seeded if common, or sodded.  We sell a hybrid bermuda which is Tifway 419.




Centipede is catergorized as a warm season grass because it actively grows when temperatures are warmer.  Centipede requires less mowing than other turf types at 1 1/2"-2" and is often called "the lazy man's grass".  Centipede will thrive in full sun.  Seed, plugs,  or sod can establish centipede.




Zoysia is catergorized as a warm season grass because it too is acteively growing when temperatures are warmer.  Zoysia requires mowing regulary around 3/4" to 1".  Some of the newer varieties of zoysia are more drought tolerant and can be maintained at a higher height.  Zoysia can grow in light sand and light clay.  Zoysia can be established with seed(depending on type), sprigging, or sodded. There are several types of zoysia grass.  We sell four at our farm; emerald, zenith, myer and jamur.  Our most popular by far is the jamur zoysia!


St. Augustine


St. Augustine is catergorized as a warm season grass commonly grown in the Gulf Coast and far south regions.  Mowing height should be  in the neighborhood of 2-3".   St. Augustine is known for is wide blade, dark color, and Shade tolerance.







Reprinted form the WPTF-Weekend Gardener Guide 2004. This should be used as a guideline only.  Ther are many other factors to consider before selecting the proper type of turf for your lawn.  For best results seek the guidance of a qualified agronomist, landscaper, or your local county extension office.

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