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Go Green with Jammin' Jamur Zoysia

Click on the "Beating the Drought with Jamur Zoysia" and the "Non-Irrigated Turfgrass Study" link below to read about Jamur Zoysia's extreme drought tolerance.

JaMur Zoysia

Cape Fear Turf Farm is proud to be the exclusive licensed Certified producer of JaMur Zoysia in North Carolina.

JaMur Characteristics

Attractive blue-green color
Short stature in sheath & blade length, less vertical posture resulting in extremely compact turf
Superior rate of spread and exceptional regrowth from rhizomes
Produces less thatch than any of the other known zoysia cultivars
Comparable to improved St. Augustine cultivars in shade tolerance
Increased cold tolerance over St. Augustine cultivars

Improved Plant Vigor
The density of the turf, coupled with an extensive rhizome & root system, give JaMur excellent recovery characteristics & make it extremely drought tolerant
JaMur's area of adaptability runs well North into USDA growing zone seven, south into Mexico, and from the Carolina's to California
The National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) reported JaMur to have a superior rate of spread & stolon frequency, comparable to El Toro (the most vigorous spreading of known zoysiagrass cultivars) and greater than all other tested varieties
JaMur sod production fields can be grown-in from sprigs or plugs in approximately 5-6 months (growing season) in the Southern United States

Cultural Practices
Recommended mowing height, with a rotary mower, is between 2-3"
Annual fertilization rate is 1-2 pounds of Nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per year, using split applications in the spring and late summer.  One pound Nitrogen in the spring to encourage new growth, and one pound in mid-to-late summer to promote healthy growth into the fall and winter
All herbicides and fertilizers necessary for the maintenance of JaMur can be purchased at your local hardware store or plant nursery

Certified Purity & Uniformity
JaMur is licensed exclusively through The Turfgrass Group, Inc.
JaMur is available only through a limited number of licensed certified producers in each state
JaMur is grown & sold under a rigorous set of rules & guidelines designed to promote on-going quality, purity, and uniformity

State Certification
Certification is the only method of assuring the consumer is receiving the variety they purchased
JaMur can only be produced and sold as a Certified turfgrass, unlike many other varieties
Certification agencies in each state inspect all JaMur production fields regularly, protecting the interests of the consumer by providing a third party system of quality control


JaMur Zoysia is licensed exclusively through The Turfgrass Group, Inc.  Unauthorized propagation is strictly prohibited.